Album covers by Storm Thorgerson, Hipgnosis and StormStudios

Storm Thorgerson was an English Graphic Designer, who along with Aubrey Powell, co-founded the graphic art group Hipgnosis, which created many iconic album cover designs from 1968-1983 for artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, and many MANY more. Hipgnosis and Thorgerson’s work was consistently surreal, with objects and figures appearing in unusual contexts. You can read more here about the work that went into creating some of the more famous covers by Hipgnosis.

In the early 90’s Thorgerson formed StormStudios which he operated until his death in 2013. The studio has produced cover art for bands like The Mars Volta, Muse, Audioslave, Pink Floyd and more, and still remains busy today. Below are album designs created by Hipgnosis and StormStudios.

Typograffit LINE Stickers by VUZZY
Collage Artwork by Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice

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