Jeff Bridges

When you hear the name Jeff Bridges, some words and phrases that immediately come to mind these days are actor, True Grit, Tron Legacy, Big Lebowski, or The Dude etc. The word typography doesn’t exactly jump out at you, but it just so happens that Bridges has a pretty cool personal website designed with bold hand writing and colorful illustrations done in a style that is somewhat reminiscent of John Lennon’s. The work isn’t exactly spectacular, but it fits the site. Its also cool to see a huge movie star like Jeff Bridges adding this personal touch to connect with his fans rather than using a pretentious and intimidating website design. is full of on the set photos, stories, music, video links, the usual filmography and links to other interests. Check out the images we plucked from the site:

and just for fun, some on the set photos from the site as well:

'20s and '30s Japanese Graphic Design
Valentine's Day Card with TYPOGRAFFIT

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