Surreal Collage Artwork by Albane Simon


Take a trip through the mind-bending collage work of Paris based artist, Albane Simon.

Imagine a world where linear time has lost all relevance. A place where past memories and future visions dance in a familiar present gone awry, this is where nightmares collide with lucid clarity. Touching on topics diverse as : ecology, science, architecture and spirituality… Welcome to the land of eminent art of Albane, the surreal collagist.
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Weird Al “Word Crimes” and “Mission Statement” Animated Lyric Music Videos


Parody artist Weird Al Yankovic is back with a new album that just hit #1 on the Billboard charts. He dropped 8 new music videos every day this past week, and two of them are right up our alley, making genius use of animated typography.

“Word Crimes” is a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and all nerds can rejoice as Weird Al vents about his misused grammar grievances. Consequence of Sound called this “one of the best lyric videos of all time.”
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Famous Inspirational Quote Illustratinos by Ryan McArthur


Inspirational quotes from great minds like Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Edison are given a minimalistic, yet striking visual treatment in these poster illustrations by Toronto-based web and graphic designer Ryan McArthur.

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3D Printed Typography Animation by Ben Johnston and Mark Simmons


Typographer Ben Johnston and 3D printer Mark Simmons combined skills to create an animated, 3D printed typography sculpture. View the animation here. Johnston started the project with a few simple sketches before Simmons rendered and printed the design. (source)
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Iconic Costumes of Famous Musicians Illustrated by Frederico Birchal


Frederico Birchal illustrates the iconic stage costumes of famous musicians from the Beatles’ colorful Sgt Pepper’s-era suits to Kurt Cobain’s … Read more…

“Grow” series of illustrations by Andreas Preis


With a fine attention to detail, Barcelona based artist Andreas Preis juxtaposes boldly illustrated animals with different virtuous words for a series of works entitled “Grow”.
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