TYPOGRAFFIT® seeks for ways to make communication interesting.

In 2009, we have started our project from a text to image generator, that has been accepted among world-wide digital native generation. As a result we have received an Official Honoree in 16th Webby Awards, and Honorable mention in 13th Japan Media Arts Festival. We are continuously looking for fresh communication ideas, that we share it through our Blog channel.

World has been closer than ever since the social communication has expanded in the past decades. We want to spice up the communication to make world unique and interesting.


Our awards, honorary mentions & publications

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Our generator converts plain-text to images.
We have organized the visual signatures(such as signs, symbols, graffiti, t-shirt, neon lights… ) by attaching meta-text data which connects to the text phrase you entered. Users can type their text messages and receive graphically related random images in their text order.
Users can also send them across to friends or share it on the social media channels allowing people to receive visually-enhanced text messages across networked media devices. As for new functions we have embedded Emoji interface, to create emoji images with single click. It is super easy and no login or installation required. Try it out from here.




Since 2010, we have been posting our interests through our Blog channel. We have been astonished by new expressions of communications all of the world and we think they deserve attention. Inspiring ideas and creative outputs are definitely contributing toward making world a colorful place. We continue to look for mesmerizing outputs and share it to the viewers through our channel.

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