[typo] welcome to TYPOGRAFFIT! [/typo]

TYPOGRAFFIT™ is a “visual communication enhancer“.

Everyone enjoys text messaging. In a way it’s almost as if it has become the new phone call. With all sorts of flip phones with spin-out keypads that mimic computer keyboards being released and snatched up by the public every day, texting is as important now as it ever has been before. We at TYPOGRAFFIT figured it would be a good idea to create a program and application that can take text messaging to a whole new level.

[typo]How it works[/typo]

Using the website, TYPOGRAFFIT.com, users input any string of text and click the button on the right. When you do that, your message is displayed on the screen in a random sequence of visual representations of the word(s) you input. For example, saying something like “Hi! How are you?” will result in a display of meta-text data that is stored in the database of words in the program. It would look like this. Cool, huh?

How does this data end up in the database? Well, TYPOGRAFFIT users can upload their own images to the database using the easy upload instructions. You have to register and become a member in order to upload, but it’s free to do that. Once you register you just click the ‘upload’ icon and then you can select the image you wish to upload. Let’s say you have a picture of the word “cat” (or a picture of an actual cat). You simply indicate this on the next screen by entering the word “cat” and the picture will then be added to the database. Typing the letters “cat” would result in this display. Typing “[cat]” would result in an image of a cat, like this. The [ ] brackets around the word ‘cat’ creates the image of the cat, and not just the word. Obviously, not every word has been added to the database, so not everything will have a picture representation to display, but there are a lot of words and representations already in the database as it is.

You are not limited to just displays of text messages. You can even create cool displays using the input box. Check out this example, and note how the text was input with the [  ] brackets, creating the image. Pretty cool! And since there isn’t really any limit to what users can upload, the possibilities are endless for creating other fun designs like this one.

It’s all really simple, and if you’re having trouble understanding these instructions you should really just try it out yourself. It will make more sense that way, and you can see how easy it is for yourself.

[typo]SHA RE IT!!![/typo]

Once you have your text phrase displayed TYPOGRAFFIT style, you can share your message with the world via Twitter, e-mail, as a direct link, or through Facebook, Myspace, Delicious, Blogger or WordPress. If you click the Twitter link, for example, you can send your TYPOGRAFFIT message as a Tweet using your personal Twitter account. It’s a cool, easy, and fast way to share it all with everyone you know (and anyone else) on the Internet.

Also, TYPOGRAFFIT will soon be ready for purchase in the iPhone App store. For iPhone users who download the Application, you will be able to send fun TYPOGRAFFIT messages to each other using your iPhones, or just use the web-based version of the program too.

This blog will be updated with more news, program developments, and anything else related to TYPOGRAFFIT that will take place. We’re excited to share the program/application with the world, and hope you enjoy using it as much as we do!

(日本語) タイポグラフィットって楽しいですよ。

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