TYPOGRAFFIT(tm) is a visual communication toy that is able to interact with multiple users.
It organizes the visual information(such as signs, symbols, graffiti, t-shirt, neon lights... ) by attaching arbitrarily-assigned meta-text data which will be stored in the online database. With this application, users can type their text messages and receive graphically related random images in their text order. The visual information is reconstructed by an algorithm picking proper pieces of graphics from what the users have contributed to the site.
Users can also upload their own images, relate these with text phrases and send them across to friends. Users are able to share their images and use other peoples’ images as well. As a result they can receive visually-enhanced text messages across networked media devices.

On the main page, type something into the text box at the bottom, then hit the generate button. You can keep regenerating custom images until you have something you like:


SEND TYPOGRAFFIT image by email.

SHARE TYPOGRAFFIT image by posting a link.

Get a LINK of your TYPOGRAFFIT image.

UPLOAD your images to TYPOGRAFFIT.

USE your images in TYPOGRAFFIT.

Save images to computer or Send them via email:

Share images on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, WordPress, etc:

Copy a Link to paste anywhere on the web:

Uploading Photos

To upload your own photos, register for a free Typograffit account. Once you are registered and logged in, click the upload icon at the top right corner of the page:

You will then be at the upload page. Hit Browse and select the photo from your computer to upload:

the image to your liking and in the box below the image, then type out the letter, number, word or phrase associated with the image:

For more specific images, use [brackets] around the word or phrase:

Creating Images With [Brackets]
Once you’ve uploaded some new images, you can use them however you want:

Endless Possibilities
Check out some of our sample user images for some inspiration. Also, check out the blog. We’ve seen Typograffit used for show flyers, invitations, greeting cards, games more games and even dice. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the creativity of our users. If you’ve made something cool, please send us the image as we’d love to add your images to our samples page.

Concept Design, Direction, Design, Co-Produce : A.BABA, Co-Produce & PR: R.KONDO, Prototype Development : J.MICHAELIS, Back-end Engineering & API : M.YAMAGUCHI, Mobile Application Development : K.HERLITZ, Data Gathering & Web Management : KAEDE, Front-end Coding : Y.ENO ... also Urban artists, taggers, public signs, neon lights, phrases, meanings, words, names, alphabets, symbols, equations, numbers, warnings, teachings, feelings, cameramen, up-loaders and visual communicators...