Marc Shur Vintage Sign Photography

Marc Shur, an Art Director and Graphic Designer has a huge gallery of vintage signs that he has photographed throughout Southern California and beyond. Though these signs have faded over the years, Shur skillfully photoshops his photos to give the relics new life; emphasizing their color, their naturally worn look, and the craft that went into designing them. His passion to preserve these signs’ history is apparent in this statement from his website:

Why signs? I’ve always been drawn to old things – the worn, the distressed, the forgotten. Many of the signs I’ve photographed are virtually invisible to most people. Their colors have faded and their paint is peeling, but old signs were once works of art themselves done by designers like me. They were landmarks and guideposts, promising a cold beer, a good meal or even a good time. They helped define a street, a neighborhood and an era. They had power. As a photographer, I want to give them a second life, pull them out of the past and elevate them once again to a place of distinction and even grandeur. I strive for a sense of hyperrealism and a graphic feel in my photographs, wanting the signs to be larger than life, appearing much bigger and important than they do in real life. I want people to see the colors and details as if they were standing just a few feet away. – Mark Shur

Find more vintage sign photography on on Marc Shur’s website

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