Letters Are My Friends

Letters Are My Friends is a Berlin based a concept store for typography right in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. A place where analogue and digital type meet with emerging technologies.

In their showroom, ‘Letters Are My Friends’ present applied typography in a dazzling variety: peripherical perforated paper projections, spacy letterboxing, type’n’motion voxel folding, 3D ink raycasting, turntypetablelism, dolby surround fatcap-tracking, tasty toasted gpu fonts, trigonometric triangle trading and of course some serious conversations about language, its aesthetics and the future of writing.

‘Letters Are My Friends’ is a research lab and production label run by Ingo Italic and Bärbel Bold. We share an interdisciplinary and experimental approach to services and products related to typography, motion- and interaction design.

Check out photos of their showroom and some of their work below:

Typography by & type
Sweeping Beauty Calligraffiti by Niels Shoe Meulman

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