Banksy’s Street Art

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine irreverent dark humor with graffiti done in a distinctive stenciling technique. Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. (source)

Patola by Anna Brinded

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11 thoughts on “Banksy’s Street Art

  1. That first image is a fucking insult. WTF, that girl is a burned Vietnamese child and he has her dancing with those clowns. Sick MF.

    • While this piece is no doubt controversial, I believe this particular work by Banksy is meant as an insult to major corporations hiding behind a facade of their ever-smiling mascots. As cute and friendly as these corporations appear on the exterior, their primary motive is to make profit. I think Banksy is trying to point out something to the effect that the greed of these corporations are somewhat responsible for the grief that innocent people like this young girl have suffered as a result of war.

      I can see how it can be an offensive piece at first glance, without looking deeper into its meaning. Its quite a shocking piece of work. However, there is some very potent artistic value in the irony that Bansky has presented, and I think this piece is meant not just as a simple gag, but rather a sympathetic stand for the innocent vietnamese girl and what she represents.

  2. These pieces of art are incredibly thought-provoking! Where is his art located?
    And on the subject of the first piece, I don’t find it as offensive to the poor girl as I find it more of an insult to companies who run to mask reality with plastered on smiles. I find the point the first piece is trying to make as creepy as clowns in horror films. What makes a clown (in said films) scary besides the fact that it is always smiling even in the midst of the most horrific actions?
    I may not be the most educated person, but I hope my point is being made.

  3. @Dallas,

    Well put, regarding the first piece.

    As far as I know, Bansky puts work up in major cities around the world . I’ve seen some of his pieces in Los Angeles. But I believe he is from the UK.

    you might be able to find out more here:

  4. The top picture shows American exports.

    Mickey Mouse, McDonalds and Napalm.

    His art often might not be confotable viewing, but it makes you think. Unless you’re called Herbie.

  5. The first piece is to depict the “great” stuff America was going to bring to Vietnam after beating the Vietcong…………never happened but thousands of Vietnamese ( and Americans ) died in this senseless war.

    Fast forward to present time and look at the war in Iraq…………..

  6. Maybe I’m not as Art savvy as the rest of you, I can draw the same conclusions as anyone but it seems so forced, these show clever uses of images but are no work of genius

  7. No one decided immediately that the Mona Lisa was a work of genius either. Took years for the painting to be considered a “keeper.” Maybe some day Banksys work will be more appreciated. At least till they tear down the buildings the works are on.

  8. Hoi,

    Ik ben Abdias. Ik woon op de oud-loosdrechtse dijk 235. Ik heb een hond en een mama. Ik eet mijn pen op. Ik vind Banksy een mafketel. Omdat het kan.

    Doeidoei xxx

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