’20s and ’30s Japanese Graphic Design

Here are some cool designs featured on posters, magazine covers and advertisements from the ’20s and ’30s that were influenced by Western art. All fifty of them can be seen at pink tentacle.

Poster ad for Nikke Clothing by Gihachiro Okayama, 1931

Poster for magazine, 1930

Poster for Nikkie sports coat by Gihachiro Okayama, 1931

Reijin sheet music cover, 1930

Poster for 1940 Grand International Exposition of Japan (canceled due to war), 1938

Grand Nagoya Festival poster by Kenkichi Sugimoto, 1933

Choose domestic! Poster, 1930

(日本語) 1920年−30年の日本のグラフィックデザイン
Jeff Bridges

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